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Terran Empire: Sato Dynasty Emblem and Anthem by Juubi-Karakuchi
Terran Empire: Sato Dynasty Emblem and Anthem
As Empress, Hoshi Sato I soon discovered that taking the throne would be considerably easier than keeping it.  Her attempts to stabilise both Terra and the empire were undermined by the same cultural and political psychoses that had plagued the Empire since its founding.  In search of a solution, she turned to the histories of Old Terra, in particular those of her homeland, the island nation of Nihon. 

Drawing upon various warrior codes and political philosophies, she formulated a philosophy she called 'Kodo'; the Imperial Way.  This new code stressed unswerving obedience and absolute selflessness, even unto death.  Like the Rule of St Benedict millenia earlier, the new ideology proved remarkably popular amid the licentiousness and casual brutality of 22nd Century Terra.  It became dominant among Empress Hoshi's Imperial Guard, and enjoyed some following among the sector fleets, but had little or no presence in the near-piratical frontier fleets.  Kodo was nevertheless favoured by a significant minority of Imperial citizens, including certain Patrician factions.  It largely disappeared with a generation of the dynasty's fall, and the subsequent rise of Emperor Spock. 

The emblem shown here was selected by the Empress to signify her dynasty, as well as the ideology that supported it.  The sword and olive branches are traditional, though the stylized globe has been replaced with a threefold Tomoe symbol, the meaning of which is uncertain.  The lyrics are of the Imperial Guard's official song, which was also an unofficial Imperial anthem.  The song itself is drawn from the Man'yoshu, an ancient Japanese poetry collection dating from the 8th Century AD, and was used as a patriotic song in the 20th century.  A rough translation is as follows;

If I go away to the sea,
I shall be a corpse washed up.
If I go away to the mountain,
I shall be a corpse in the grass
But if I die for the Emperor,
It will not be a regret.

Stefan Mitrovic, The Origins of the Terran Empire

Here's a little something I came up with one evening, as a follow up to one of my older works.  For anyone thoroughly confused, the Sato Dynasty began with the Mirror Universe version of Hoshi Sato, who took power at the end of the Enterprise Season 4 episode Through a Mirror, Darkly.  Her reign is described in the short stories Age of the Empress and Worst of Both Worlds, including her preference for Japanese culture. 

I hope no one will take offence at my use of Umi Yukaba.  It seemed to fit the context, and if it can be used in Video Games I don't see why I can't use it. 
Familiar of the Fairy: Hugh de Montfort by Juubi-Karakuchi
Familiar of the Fairy: Hugh de Montfort
This is an OC of mine from my and Zaru's Zero no Tsukaima fanfic 'Familiar of the Fairy' ([link]).  In the story he has a deformed foot and walks with a limp, but that won't be immediately obvious here, since his boot conceals it. 

His appearance is loosely based on Zabine Chareux from Crossbone Gundam.
Eris Pregnant, in Dungarees by Juubi-Karakuchi
Eris Pregnant, in Dungarees
Yes, another pregnant Eris.  The Dungarees are inspired by an outfit worn by Nagisa in Clannad After Story.  The hardest part with this one was the hands, which I've always found difficult.  
Eris Pregnant by Juubi-Karakuchi
Eris Pregnant
Kio...what have you done to Eris?

A little something I did one night, because I was wondering how their relationship would pan out.  I realised only too late that Kio is too tall, but I don't think it does too much damage. 


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Juubi Karakuchi
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I am an artist and fanfic writer of varied tastes. I don't have many firm convictions. Therefore I like to think that I can produce material on a variety of themes. I try, above all else, to be adaptable.

Favourite style of art: anime/manga

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It's totally up to you. Pick a character from the show, make them look and act like a Starcraft unit. We posted some suggestions in the journal to give you an idea. Captain Kuune as a Terran Battlecruiser Captain (Battlecruiser Opurrational) The Catian Assist Droids as a Terran SCV (Woo wee! Overtime!) Lawry as the Terran Adjutant. (Not enough minerals) Chaika as a Siege Tank pilot (I'm about to drop the hammer!)
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I see.  Do you want me to stick to one of these?  Or is it okay if I come up with one for myself? 
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Quite amusing drawings, mostly the crossovers...
It does make you wonder about such a "What if" scenario.
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