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Familiar of the Fairy: World Map by Juubi-Karakuchi
Familiar of the Fairy: World Map
This is a world map of Halkeginia and neighbouring countries, as they appear in my Familiar of Zero fanfic 'Familiar of the Fairy' (available on and Sufficient Velocity).
NJO Rehash: Yuuzhan Vong Warships by Juubi-Karakuchi
NJO Rehash: Yuuzhan Vong Warships
(More for my Yuuzhan Vong rehash.  Some elements here are not canon.)

Displayed here is a Yuuzhan Vong Miid-Ro'ik warship, with two Uumufalh escorts in attendance.  The image was recorded by an unknown individual aboard a vessel fleeing the planet Dubrillion, one of the first to fall to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.  The smaller body seen in the background is almost certainly a Yuuzhan Vong battlemoon; one of which is known to have been present at Dubrillion. 

Comparable in size to an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Miid-Ro'ik was a common sight in Yuuzhan Vong fleets.  It performed the stereotypical role of a main-line warship, laying on heavy firepower and soaking it up in return.  Like its Imperial counterpart, it carried a force of 'Coralskipper' starfighters.  The Uumufalh was even more common, so much so as to be ubiquitous, serving as a multirole escort.  Battlemoons were comparatively rare, most of them brought to the galaxy in the gravity well of Yuuzhan-tar.  Having previously served to relieve population pressure on the Yuuzhan Vong's dying homeworld as it travelled between the galaxies, they were later repurposed as mobile fleet bases and invasion carriers.  Each battlemoon required a single Dhur'yam 'world brain' to control and move it.  In turn, all Yuuzhan Vong ships possessed a smaller Rik'yam, while the smallest ships made do with a stunted Sha'yam. 

Yuuzhan Vong warships are made of Yorik 'coral' in various forms.  Amazingly Force-reactive, the atomic structure of Yorik can be altered to an extreme degree, providing a variety of useful substances.  Warship armour combined several of these substances, rendering it both incredibly resilient and highly superconductive.  Not only was it able to resist energy weapons by redirecting and bleeding off their energy, it also generated an electromagnetic field around the hull, which both weakened incoming energy blasts and created an electronic 'dark space' around the ship, making targeting difficult.  Yorik superconductors were also used in the ship's nerve stems, as well as its mass driver weapons. 

Easily the most vital item of biotechnology to a warship was its Rik'yam.  It was only through the strange mental powers of a Rik'yam that a warship enjoyed capabilities that would normally require advanced metallurgy, electronics, and droids.  A Rik'yam acted as the ship's brain, overseeing and controlling all internal functions under the direction of its Yuuzhan Vong command crew.  This included monitoring and directing the furious energies of the Starfire drive, as well as controlling and augmenting the mass drivers, and ordering around hundreds or thousands of subsidiary creatures - or slaves in some cases - which performed the functions of a crew.  Rik'yams also used their abilities to 'sense' their environment and communicate with other ships.  They were even capable of taking their ships safely in and out of Hyperspace, a feat not seen in the galaxy since the days of the Rakata. 

Yuuzhan Vong warships used two primary weapons systems.  Mass drivers - of which a Miid-Ro'ik possessed over a hundred - used electromagnetic fields to hurl rocks or lumps of Yorik at extremely high speeds.  These could be highly destructive, but their low speed gave them a relatively short effective range in space combat.  Mass Drivers were thus complemented with missiles, each driven by a miniature Starfire drive and telekinetically directed to their targets. 
SW NJO Rehash: Two Yuuzhan Vong Warriors by Juubi-Karakuchi
SW NJO Rehash: Two Yuuzhan Vong Warriors
(Considering how controversial the Yuuzhan Vong are among Star Wars fans, I wondered how I could make them better.  This is a little something I came up with.)

Displayed here are two Yuuzhan Vong warriors, both representing Domain Kaahn; whose glyph can be seen on their loincloths.  Warriors such as these would descend to a planet's surface only during the later stages of an invasion, once resistance had been seriously weakened by orbital bombardments, Vongforming, and warbeast infestation.  Those enemies who still lived had, by definition, proven their worthiness through skill-at-arms, cunning, or sheer luck.  As such, they would be 'glorified' with a warrior's death, ideally a long and drawn-out 'striping' that would inflict maximum pain and mutilation while keeping the enemy warrior alive and capable of resistance for as long as possible.  When the performance of warriors was evaluated, a true striping was worth ten normal kills, and counted as a sacrifice. 

The warrior on the left is actually a Worker Caste volunteer, one of the millions who made up the bulk of Yuuzhan Vong infantry.  Such volunteers sought wealth and status through success in combat, with the ultimate reward being promotion to the Warrior Caste.  This particular one is wearing a common suit of Voodun Crab armour, so-called for the Voodun crab shell and plastron from which its plates are carved.  The armour includes an underlay of woven arachnid silks and Yorik coral, the latter allowing it to form-fit its wearer's body.  A generic suit such as this one would provide limited protection against blaster fire, while better suits provided far grearer protection.  This volunteer has chosen to carry an amphistaff, a twin-bladed fighting staff much appreciated by the Warrior Caste for the artistry of its use.  He has also been permitted to add retractable fighting claws to his armour, suggesting that he is well on the way to promotion. 

The warrior on the left is a member of one of the Warrior Caste's many subsidiary cults, who worshipped the lesser gods in service to Yun-Yammka, the War God.  The helmet implies membership in the cult of Yun-Shistai, the Horned Destroyer.  Yun-Shistai cultists were notorious even among the Yuuzhan Vong for their extreme, sometimes insane aggression in battle.  His armour is suitably ornate, and protective, for a warrior of his status.  The short cape suggests Subaltern rank, implying leadership of many hundreds of warriors.    
Terran Empire: Sato Dynasty Emblem and Anthem by Juubi-Karakuchi
Terran Empire: Sato Dynasty Emblem and Anthem
As Empress, Hoshi Sato I soon discovered that taking the throne would be considerably easier than keeping it.  Her attempts to stabilise both Terra and the empire were undermined by the same cultural and political psychoses that had plagued the Empire since its founding.  In search of a solution, she turned to the histories of Old Terra, in particular those of her homeland, the island nation of Nihon. 

Drawing upon various warrior codes and political philosophies, she formulated a philosophy she called 'Kodo'; the Imperial Way.  This new code stressed unswerving obedience and absolute selflessness, even unto death.  Like the Rule of St Benedict millenia earlier, the new ideology proved remarkably popular amid the licentiousness and casual brutality of 22nd Century Terra.  It became dominant among Empress Hoshi's Imperial Guard, and enjoyed some following among the sector fleets, but had little or no presence in the near-piratical frontier fleets.  Kodo was nevertheless favoured by a significant minority of Imperial citizens, including certain Patrician factions.  It largely disappeared with a generation of the dynasty's fall, and the subsequent rise of Emperor Spock. 

The emblem shown here was selected by the Empress to signify her dynasty, as well as the ideology that supported it.  The sword and olive branches are traditional, though the stylized globe has been replaced with a threefold Tomoe symbol, the meaning of which is uncertain.  The lyrics are of the Imperial Guard's official song, which was also an unofficial Imperial anthem.  The song itself is drawn from the Man'yoshu, an ancient Japanese poetry collection dating from the 8th Century AD, and was used as a patriotic song in the 20th century.  A rough translation is as follows;

If I go away to the sea,
I shall be a corpse washed up.
If I go away to the mountain,
I shall be a corpse in the grass
But if I die for the Emperor,
It will not be a regret.

Stefan Mitrovic, The Origins of the Terran Empire

Here's a little something I came up with one evening, as a follow up to one of my older works.  For anyone thoroughly confused, the Sato Dynasty began with the Mirror Universe version of Hoshi Sato, who took power at the end of the Enterprise Season 4 episode Through a Mirror, Darkly.  Her reign is described in the short stories Age of the Empress and Worst of Both Worlds, including her preference for Japanese culture. 

I hope no one will take offence at my use of Umi Yukaba.  It seemed to fit the context, and if it can be used in Video Games I don't see why I can't use it. 
Familiar of the Fairy: Hugh de Montfort by Juubi-Karakuchi
Familiar of the Fairy: Hugh de Montfort
This is an OC of mine from my and Zaru's Zero no Tsukaima fanfic 'Familiar of the Fairy' ([link]).  In the story he has a deformed foot and walks with a limp, but that won't be immediately obvious here, since his boot conceals it. 

His appearance is loosely based on Zabine Chareux from Crossbone Gundam.


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