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Terran Empire anthem by Juubi-Karakuchi
Terran Empire anthem
I decided to redo this, since my previous version just wasn't very good.  I set this to 'Horn of Plenty' from the Hunger Games movies, since Panem seems a good fit for the Terran Empire, and I just like the feel of it.  The logo comes from Memory Beta, and the font is AR Destine. 

Here are the lyrics, in case they didn't come out right;

Our sacred Terra!
Our sacred Terra, bright and true!
Though chaos laid us low
Our Emperor raised us high
And Terra shall not fall again

Our sacred Terra, bright and true!

Our noble Terra!
Our noble Terra, pure and strong!
With one heart we shall strive
With one will shall we stand
Your light shall ever guide us

Our mighty Terra!
Our mighty Terra, brightest star!
Our power shall not bend
Our hearts shall never yield
No foe shall ever break us!

Our mighty Terra, brightest star!

Though shadow fall,
Your star is shining bright
Our Emperor
Will lead us through the night

Our noble Terra, brightest star!

Kio's Wives by Juubi-Karakuchi
Kio's Wives
I think Kio has some explaining to do. 

A gift for Lord Oz ( It seemed like those three would all stay with Kio, so I reckoned I might as well do them all together.  I don't think this counts as Mature Content. 
Familiar of the Fairy: World Map by Juubi-Karakuchi
Familiar of the Fairy: World Map
This is a world map of Halkeginia and neighbouring countries, as they appear in my and Lord Oz's ( Familiar of Zero fanfic 'Familiar of the Fairy' (available on and Sufficient Velocity:…).  The grey represents mountain ranges, the dark green are forests (also mountains in some cases), while the yellow is desert and the brown is steppe or prairie.


Tristain should be pretty much as it appeared in canon.  That small portion at the bottom is Guldenhorf, as this
seemed the most likely place for it; a Germanian-speaking principality.  The river just reaching into it is the River Isar, this world's version of the Rhine. 


Not much to say here.  The mountain range appears in at least two maps; one promotional, one from the manga.  I put Lutece approximately where Paris is, and the port of Toulon is located between Romalia and Yspano.  The brown and yellow patches represent the scrubland and desert leading up to Alhambra and the Elvish territory. 


Once again not much to say.  Aquilea seems to be an expy of Venice, so I put that in its historical location.  The brown represents Romalia having a rather hot and dry interior, counterbalanced by plenty of rivers.  


The forests and mountains are based on the manga map, while the rivers I added myself.  The central territory where Vindabona is located is known as the Crown Lands, while the various other territories belong to the Magnates, whose loyalty to the Emperor can vary.  Anhalt-Zerbst is located in the area where the Tristain and Gallian borders meet, for in the Light Novels the heroes were able to move from Gallia directly into Anhalt-Zerbst, and from there to Tristain. 


That small peninsula the author never gave a name to.  I made it a combination of Spain and Renaissance Italy, divided into small city-states forever bickering and scheming against each-other.  It was part of the Romalian Empire until its collapse. 


The land of the Elves.  This is shown in the anime to be mostly if not entirely desert, and the Light Novels don't appear to contradict this AFAIK.  Their capital of Nepthys is built on the coast, and any other cities would probably be the same.  The Elves are described as having no concept of borders, so the lines here represent meaningful control.  On the harsh steppes to the north live the nomadic Kurgan tribes, whose spirituality the Elves manipulate for their own purposes. 


Lord-OZ's creation, with some help from me.  Arysia occupies this world's equivalent of the Fertile Crescent, along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.  The River Oxus forms the border with Sahara; I repurposed it to perform a similar function in Halkeginian thought as it did historically - beyond the Oxus is lands unknown. 


My creation; Halkeginia's answer to Ancient Egypt, a civilization last seen in Brimir's time and since then vanished.  Its magnificent temple cities lie in ruins, some inhabited by a handful of human flotsam and jetsam who are little more than cultists for Nekhen's long-forgotten gods.  The Romalian Empire controlled the delta and much of the north of the country, but were unwilling to go any further down the Nile; those who did were never heard from again. 


Another creation of mine.  Varangia lies in the far north, a frozen land divided between the harsh mountains to the north and the more pleasant southern lands.  Despite its great size, Varangia is sparsely populated, with much of the population concentrated in the south.  The hardest lands of all are those of the Norskland, sometimes called the Clan Lands; for that is where Varangia's old clan-based way of life still persists (unlike the Halkeginian-influenced southerners).    

NJO Rehash: Yuuzhan Vong Warships by Juubi-Karakuchi
NJO Rehash: Yuuzhan Vong Warships
(More for my Yuuzhan Vong rehash.  Some elements here are not canon.)

Displayed here is a Yuuzhan Vong Miid-Ro'ik warship, with two Uumufalh escorts in attendance.  The image was recorded by an unknown individual aboard a vessel fleeing the planet Dubrillion, one of the first to fall to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.  The smaller body seen in the background is almost certainly a Yuuzhan Vong battlemoon; one of which is known to have been present at Dubrillion. 

Comparable in size to an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Miid-Ro'ik was a common sight in Yuuzhan Vong fleets.  It performed the stereotypical role of a main-line warship, laying on heavy firepower and soaking it up in return.  Like its Imperial counterpart, it carried a force of 'Coralskipper' starfighters.  The Uumufalh was even more common, so much so as to be ubiquitous, serving as a multirole escort.  Battlemoons were comparatively rare, most of them brought to the galaxy in the gravity well of Yuuzhan-tar.  Having previously served to relieve population pressure on the Yuuzhan Vong's dying homeworld as it travelled between the galaxies, they were later repurposed as mobile fleet bases and invasion carriers.  Each battlemoon required a single Dhur'yam 'world brain' to control and move it.  In turn, all Yuuzhan Vong ships possessed a smaller Rik'yam, while the smallest ships made do with a stunted Sha'yam. 

Yuuzhan Vong warships are made of Yorik 'coral' in various forms.  Amazingly Force-reactive, the atomic structure of Yorik can be altered to an extreme degree, providing a variety of useful substances.  Warship armour combined several of these substances, rendering it both incredibly resilient and highly superconductive.  Not only was it able to resist energy weapons by redirecting and bleeding off their energy, it also generated an electromagnetic field around the hull, which both weakened incoming energy blasts and created an electronic 'dark space' around the ship, making targeting difficult.  Yorik superconductors were also used in the ship's nerve stems, as well as its mass driver weapons. 

Easily the most vital item of biotechnology to a warship was its Rik'yam.  It was only through the strange mental powers of a Rik'yam that a warship enjoyed capabilities that would normally require advanced metallurgy, electronics, and droids.  A Rik'yam acted as the ship's brain, overseeing and controlling all internal functions under the direction of its Yuuzhan Vong command crew.  This included monitoring and directing the furious energies of the Starfire drive, as well as controlling and augmenting the mass drivers, and ordering around hundreds or thousands of subsidiary creatures - or slaves in some cases - which performed the functions of a crew.  Rik'yams also used their abilities to 'sense' their environment and communicate with other ships.  They were even capable of taking their ships safely in and out of Hyperspace, a feat not seen in the galaxy since the days of the Rakata. 

Yuuzhan Vong warships used two primary weapons systems.  Mass drivers - of which a Miid-Ro'ik possessed over a hundred - used electromagnetic fields to hurl rocks or lumps of Yorik at extremely high speeds.  These could be highly destructive, but their low speed gave them a relatively short effective range in space combat.  Mass Drivers were thus complemented with missiles, each driven by a miniature Starfire drive and telekinetically directed to their targets. 
SW NJO Rehash: Two Yuuzhan Vong Warriors by Juubi-Karakuchi
SW NJO Rehash: Two Yuuzhan Vong Warriors
(Considering how controversial the Yuuzhan Vong are among Star Wars fans, I wondered how I could make them better.  This is a little something I came up with.)

Displayed here are two Yuuzhan Vong warriors, both representing Domain Kaahn; whose glyph can be seen on their loincloths.  Warriors such as these would descend to a planet's surface only during the later stages of an invasion, once resistance had been seriously weakened by orbital bombardments, Vongforming, and warbeast infestation.  Those enemies who still lived had, by definition, proven their worthiness through skill-at-arms, cunning, or sheer luck.  As such, they would be 'glorified' with a warrior's death, ideally a long and drawn-out 'striping' that would inflict maximum pain and mutilation while keeping the enemy warrior alive and capable of resistance for as long as possible.  When the performance of warriors was evaluated, a true striping was worth ten normal kills, and counted as a sacrifice. 

The warrior on the left is actually a Worker Caste volunteer, one of the millions who made up the bulk of Yuuzhan Vong infantry.  Such volunteers sought wealth and status through success in combat, with the ultimate reward being promotion to the Warrior Caste.  This particular one is wearing a common suit of Voodun Crab armour, so-called for the Voodun crab shell and plastron from which its plates are carved.  The armour includes an underlay of woven arachnid silks and Yorik coral, the latter allowing it to form-fit its wearer's body.  A generic suit such as this one would provide limited protection against blaster fire, while better suits provided far grearer protection.  This volunteer has chosen to carry an amphistaff, a twin-bladed fighting staff much appreciated by the Warrior Caste for the artistry of its use.  He has also been permitted to add retractable fighting claws to his armour, suggesting that he is well on the way to promotion. 

The warrior on the left is a member of one of the Warrior Caste's many subsidiary cults, who worshipped the lesser gods in service to Yun-Yammka, the War God.  The helmet implies membership in the cult of Yun-Shistai, the Horned Destroyer.  Yun-Shistai cultists were notorious even among the Yuuzhan Vong for their extreme, sometimes insane aggression in battle.  His armour is suitably ornate, and protective, for a warrior of his status.  The short cape suggests Subaltern rank, implying leadership of many hundreds of warriors.    


No journal entries yet.


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Juubi Karakuchi
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I am an artist and fanfic writer of varied tastes. I don't have many firm convictions. Therefore I like to think that I can produce material on a variety of themes. I try, above all else, to be adaptable.

Favourite style of art: anime/manga

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